The ZoomBuilt Solar IQ is a new and innovative retractable landscape light that will automatically pop up at night and retracts back into the ground before dawn, getting out of the way of foot traffic, maintenance equipment and the like. Each Solar IQ unit has its own internal motor, clutch system, and programming, sensing when dusk has arrived, ascending the light from the ground and illuminating.  It will then sense dawn as well and recess back into the ground.

The Low Voltage version 2-pack includes two low voltage 6" lighting units, 50' of wiring, a transformer as well as mounting hardware to install the units on a deck or dock.  Installation is easy and requires less than 10 minutes per light (underground wiring will add a small amount of time but is also very simple). 

The ZoomBuilt Solar IQ is water resistant and can be installed in any climate.

Landscape lights are meant to provide outdoor ambiance, safety and security but can be obstacles to people, pets, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and vehicles during the day.  ZoomBuilt's new Solar IQ is a fantastic solution to provide all that outdoor lighting is meant to provide, but to prevent your lights from being damaged during the day.

Great for home use, golf courses, boat docks, decks, restaurants, hotels, and many other outdoor applications.

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